Who is StylebyS

I am a qualified professional who has always had the passion for fashion. I designed my first apron when i was 11 years old followed by a skirt.Since then i have always loved making or redesigning my own clothes.

For i grew up in a very conservative family where girls were never ever allowed to wear pants(trousers). But i defiled all that even my mum gave up for, i always found a way to recreate some pants with old rags, or clothes that people gave me. For they understood my passion.

A few years ago i got bored by buying clothes i started redesigning all the clothes i bought until my husband advised that i revisit my passion again. All thanks to him for encouraging me to persue my passion.

I may have done a bit of Fashion in high school, but re-doing it again felt like i never stopped. For i believe Β i was born a designer.

In 2013 i started my own design label called StylebyS Designs. Which mainly focuses on corporate but yet stylish clothing, but i also do special orders like prom dresses; bridesmaid dresses or any design of your choice. For i believe you don’t have to always wear the same boring taiolered basic pants, blouses, and or skirts.

This is my first design when i launched my label its available in almost every colour. It was inspired by Victoria Beckham, i love her designs for they make you stand out while you still look representable, stylish and fashionable at the same time. My other favourite designers are, Roksanda Ilincic, Cushnie Et Echos, Roland Mouret, Carolina Hereira just to name a few.

So i would like to welcome you to my world of fashion design. All the clothes are available on special order.

Β Β 


20 Replies to “Who is StylebyS”

  1. Wow! I love it. You know my orders, especially your first design, your favourite. I want that in black, yellow, royal blue…great work! Keep up the standard lil sister.

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  2. Wow wow …am impressed doll. Keep it up..I love it .God will strengthen you to do wonders and u will be a wonder to the Nations…..

    I det come and collect my own ooooo I beg ….and yo figer is killing lol ..

    Keep it up ,I like it doll .

    Liked by 1 person

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